(42) The meaning of life, crossing the color line
(41) Shots to Diallo, a president that wasn't fine
(40) Days and nights, Tillman's number till they shot him
(39) Steps and clues, and the curse of the pimp
(38) Brave like the Norse, roulette wheel, weapon of force
(37) In a row, Shakespeare's plays, body temperature, of course
(36) Chambers, steal this album, ACT
(35) Millimeter film, Reggie Lewis, age to be P
(34) Shaw, Sweetness, Nolan Ryan
(33) RPM, PBR, Jesus dyin'
(32) Teeth, bits, comic books
(31) Flavors, triads, Greg Maddux
(30) Seconds to Mars, Days of Night
(29) Palms, copper, Knuts in a sickle, right
(28) February, nickel, dominoes
(27) Florida, return of It, rock stars go
(26) Letters, iron, marathons
(25) LSD, quarters, McGwire & Bonds
(24) Hours, carats, birds that are black
(23) Jordan, Lebowski, Headroom, Max
(22) Raptor, the most evil and the Catch
(21) Drinking, guns and black jack
(20) Vision, vision, calcium and Sanders
(19) Hardcastle, ka-tet, Joe Montana
(18) Moby, voting, age of consent
(17) Haiku, Stalag, Steve Nicks
(16) Sweet, candles, starting to drive
(15) The Pearl, Bart Starr, the Microwave
(14) Points, sonnets, stations of the Cross
(13) Bakers' dozen, triskecaphobia
(12) Angry men, the zodiac, alcoholic steps
(11) Hour, pipers, the number on my amp
(10) Pearl Jam, decathalon, Downing Street
(9) Revolution, hell circles, power rings
(8) Mile, section, legged freaks
(7) Touchdown, deadly sins, and the dwarfs
(6) Strings, pack, and the Prisoner
(5) Guys, elements, and the pillars
(4) Gang of, the horsemen and the gospels
(3) Trinity, lithium, Pythagorean
(2) Helium, prime, Commander Ryker
(1) Binary, BBC, the loneliest number

One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number