Children's Story (Hanging Chad Version)

Here we go
Once upon a time not long ago
When people cast their ballots and voted in the know
When laws were stern and justice stood
And people were voting like they ought ta good
There lived a politician who was misled
By another politician and this is what he said:
"Me and you, W, we gonna make some cash
Robbin' all the folks and making the dash"
They won the election, money came with ease
But one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease
He ran again and again for governor again
Not the VP, wanted to be president
Rove grabbed his arm, he started acting erratic
He said "Keep calm, boy, no need for static"
"We got this shit, we'll take out McCain"
"Then we'll crush Gore, we'll do it again"
The kid snorted a line, he said "Why'd ya ask me?"
Rove said do what you're told, it's easy
Rove wasn't scared, the kid, he starts to figure
"I'll have at least four years if I pull the trigger"
So he cold dashed and ran around the country
Performing on stage just like a trained monkey
He ran in South Carolina, smeared McCain's kid
A dirty whisper campaign led to a win
Looked around good and from expectations
He decided he'd head for the Fox TV station
But Gore was coming and he made a left
He told a lie and a lie and another and another
Luckily for him his brother was the governor
Then he made his move to a Palm Beach precinct
Ran up the stairs up to the top floor
Opened up the door there, guess who he saw?
Dave the old voter with an invalid ballot
Who don't know the meaning of hanging chads
He said "butterfly ballots are quite confusing"
But Jews don't vote for Nazis like Pat Buchanan
He went inside the vote was all over
He lost to Gore, but don't forget Rove-a
Went to see Katherine in the capitol city
Next to Florida State University
Barely alive when they started recounting
Rat-a-tat-tatted and all ballots scattered
Gore was winning so they called the lawyers
And the well-dressed thugs in the Brooks Brothers
Katherine read her lines with make-up on her face
So much blush, Tammy Fay could take her place
Deep in his heart he knew that he lost
But he didn't know Rove was still the boss
The Supreme Court stopped the counting
No precedent the verdict was astounding
W won the election and got the glory
And this is the way I have to end this story
Starting all the wars like a madman's dream
The bombs killing kids, I still hear them scream
This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh
Just another case about the wrong path
Straight and narrow or your country will crash
Good Night