This is the last thing imma say
And then I'm gonna end mine
I've tried to be cordial and nice and ignore fuckers about all of this
But if yall wanna be ig'nant on the Internet, lets be ig'nant on the Internet
Look motha fuckas, shut the fuck up
Christian motha fuckas, please shut the fuck up
Everybody shut the fuck up
Do you know how fat we all sound right now?
The fucking moral dilemma of the year is about fucking. fried. chicken.
Think about that shit for a second
Marinate on where we are as a society
The only thing that gets people up and active about their fucking community is fucking deep fried meat
You are arguing and getting passionate and spending your money and getting into e-arguments about fucking chicken
We are fat as fuck
I hope everyone, on both sides of this argument, suffers a horrible coronary disease and dies because you fucking deserve it you fucking shit
There are children in Africa who have to eat their own shit and all you give a fuck about is whether or not some fucking mouth breathing mullet having Kenny Powers doppleganger ate fucking fried chicken today
White people I am done
So done
You fucking dragged fried chicken into this
Chicken ain't done nothin to you except be fucking delicious
I can't enjoy my national pastime without someone startin shit with me
Die in a pit of snakes
Free Max B