21 Guns

The first gun shot a kid wearing a hoodie
The first gun said you really ain't free

The second gun shot that young new president
The second gun said don't set any precedent

The third gun shot 13 at that high school
The third gun said its easy to be cruel

The fourth gun shot a working class hero
It said try to make peace, we'll make you a zero

The fifth gun shot 2Pac, then it shot Biggie
It said we won't abide a thinking person's MC

The sixth gun shot the little pisces jesus man
It said no one's gonna help you or lend a hand

The seventh gun shot Troy McClure
Coke and guns don't mix with the insecure

The eighth gun shot doc after doc
Call them killers, preaching to the flock

The ninth gun shot lovers in the lane
Talking demon dogs will drive you insane

The tenth gun shot 57 students
Still not enough to give compassion to Ted Nugent

The eleventh gun rained bullets from the Texas sky
It's a beautiful morning, time to die

Gun number 12 shot those soldiers at Fort Hood
It said my god has a bigger dick than your god

Gun 13 shot a legislator and more
It said powerful woman, to us you're still a whore

Gun 14 shot Milk in the Frisco Bay
It said you don't deserve to live if you admit you're gay

Gun 15 shot down the one with the dream
It said make change, you're family's gonna scream

Gun 16 shot the one on the militant path
It said peaceful or forceful, we're still gonna blast

Gun 17 shot a 7-year-old on Cabrini Green
It said you're never too young to be taken out the scene

Gun 18 shot 18 in My Lai
It said shoot first and don't even ask why

Gun 19 shot Afghanis, total of 16
It said the more things change, the more they stay the same

Gun 20 shot your lover, shot your friend
It'll shoot any women, it'll shoot any men

Gun 21's gonna shoot who? Is it gonna shoot me?
Is it gonna shoot you? What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?