Almost Hip Hop

  1. OPM, Heaven Is A Halfpipe
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Give It Away
  3. Bloodhound Gang, Fire Water Burn
  4. Cake, The Distance
  5. Kid Rock, Cowboy
  6. Prince, Pussy Control
  7. Pearl Jam, Wishlist
  8. Kimya Dawson, Loose Lips
  9. Black Flag, TV Party
  10. Loser, Beck
  11. Sublime, April 26, 1992
  12. Bright Eyes, When the President Talks to God
  13. Vaselines/Nirvana, Son of a Gun
  14. Girls Aloud, Love Machine
  15. Faith No More, We Caree A Lot
  16. LCD Soundsystem, North American Scum
  17. Luscious Jackson, Naked Eye
  18. Roxette, The Look